What is it?

Psychology for Change Online is an 8 week course that helps you develop self-awareness and self-esteem through learning about and exploring different theories and ideas drawn from psychology, philosophy and social history.

Each session introduces you to different psychological theories and ideas to help you better understand not only your past, but your present too. Identifying behavioural patterns and understanding some of the reasons why you may have made particular choices in the past helps you gain insight into your emotional world and what makes you tick.

Who is it for?

You do not need to know anything about psychology...or philosophy...or social history to take part in the programme. All we ask is that you have a curiosity and a desire to learn more about yourselves, others and the world you live in.

The broad criteria for coming onto the course is listed below:

  • People in early recovery who are either abstinent or on a small and stable amount of substitute medication.
  • People who would ordinarily be in early recovery, and engaging in structured groups/aftercare/ETE.
  • People who have a capacity to engage with the topics that we cover and who are comfortable discussing these and talking openly about themselves with peers.
  • People who have an appetite for personal development, who want to develop a healthier relationship with themselves and with others.
  • People who have basic IT skills or a willingness to develop some basic IT literacy. We are happy to provide initial support on things like downloading Zoom and accessing the sessions, with the aim being that participants continue to do this themselves.
  • People who have reasonable literacy - the programme will involve reading additional material and has the option of attached qualification which involves written work.

The course consists of 16 sessions. Each session is connected and picks up on topics introduced in previous sessions - so it’s important to attend every session.  There is a minimum requirement that you attend 13 out of the 16 sessions in order to complete the course. You can view the full schedule here

All sessions are online and run via Zoom:

  • Tuesday: 10.30-2.30 (with a lunch break between 12.30 and 13.15)
  • Thursday: 10.30-2.30 (with a lunch break between 12.30 and 13.15)

The day’s session will start at 10.30 and continue (with breaks) to 14.30. The sessions introduce different psychological theories and ideas using short video clips and visuals. There will be group discussions in the larger group and in small breakout groups around the main ideas presented in the session.  

In addition to the sessions there is also a fortnightly 50 minute online one to one tutorial session with your allocated tutor. The tutorial session is a good place to further explore some of the topics that we’re covering on the course and discuss any ‘light bulb’ moments or difficulties that you might be having with the material that we are looking at.

The online environment

We've taken a great deal of care in the content of the sessions, because we know that it’s very different taking part in an online group as opposed to being in a physical group. You do not need to know anything about psychology...or philosophy...or social history to take part in the course. All we ask is that you have a curiosity and a desire to learn more about yourself, others and the world we live in.

For some people being in a group online might need a bit of an adjustment. If you need a bit of reassurance and support about using Zoom - one of the Foundation for Change staff can help you get started. Once you get used to Zoom it really is pretty straightforward. 

Is there any coursework? 

There is also a qualification attached to the course which is the OCNLR Level 1 Award in Developing Emotional Resilience. The qualification consists of 5 simple questions that are covered by the material on the course. Your tutor can also help support you with the coursework.

When is the next intake? 

Our next intake will take place in Spring, the dates are still to be confirmed. To register your interest for the next intake, please contact us