Clothing for Change was launched in 2017 with garments designed and created by Bex Exell, the project lead

It is a collection of unique, one of a kind and made to order garments that can be purchased through our shop and is a creative response to the brutal cuts in public services we have directly experienced over the last few years.

Our vision

We aim to scale the label to generate an ongoing source of funding for Foundation for Change with generated profits being fed back into FfC. This will help us reduce our reliance on grant funding ensuring that individuals will continue to be able to access our life-changing courses.

CfC is a beneficiary led enterprise. As the brand grows, graduates from the Clothing for Change course will be recruited to carry out structured work placements, supporting with:

  • sewing items
  • promotion
  • sales and customer service

All providing valuable workplace experience and potential employment opportunities in future.

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