Women with histories of addiction and substance misuse often face multiple disadvantage; from mental health challenges to homelessness, family breakdown, involvement with the criminal justice system and long-term unemployment. In addition, they face structural problems such as gendered violence, social and economic inequality and a decline in women-centred, specialist services.

Our response to this is Feminism for Change.

Feminism for Change is a 6-week Course helping women break free from cycles of abuse and shame by introducing key concepts and ideas from feminist history and thought. It shows women that they are not broken; they are part of a broken system.

“I’m learning to speak up for myself now, seeing other women do it.” - Nina

Feminism for Change is funded entirely by charitable donations. Help us reach more women by donating to our appeal.

Thanks to support like yours, we are:

  • Providing a vocabulary that helps make sense of the very real struggles women have faced and continue to face. 
  • Helping women to reframe their life experiences through this improved understanding, in turn helping women to recognise their  strength and resilience. 
  • Supporting women to become stronger role models for their children, helping to break the cycle of gender inequality for later generations. 
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Nicola, one of our recent graduates, talks about her experience being on the course. 

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