Feminism for Change is a 6 week course for women in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction that helps develop self-esteem and awareness through exploring feminist ideas.

The course provides a safe space for women to talk, reflect and draw from each others' life experiences. The course takes inspiration from the feminist consciousness-raising groups of the 1970s and aims to prove that feminism is for everybody.

The group learns about the ways in which women are expected to conform to gender roles and norms, and understand the impact that this has had in their lives. The course helps women work together to discover the strengths and resources they have as women surviving in an unequal world.

"Feminism for Change had an impact on my everyday life in just about every way." - Saida

Each week the group explores different themes:

  • The her-story of feminism in the UK: looks at some of the extraordinary women who've changed the world and some of the main ideas of feminism. 
  • Personal experience: through personal timelines the group explore the relationships they have with the women in their lives. 
  • Shame & Vulnerability: examines the way in which expectations about what it means to be a woman can magnify painful feelings of shame and vulnerability.
  • Power & Control/Sex & Consent: looks at women's experiences of controlling behaviours within personal relationships, the concept of 'toxic' masculinity and personal power.
  • Relationship with self: following on from the previous session, the groups explores self worth and how feminism can help women to value themselves and other women.
  • Assertiveness and final day celebration: looks at how hard it can be for women to be heard and respected for who they are. The group produce a woman-ifesto for a better world.

Each theme is covered by a full day of training (10.30am to 3.30pm on Wednesdays) for six weeks with handouts provided for each session.

Referrals are made via a service or you can self-refer. It's open to all women who are accessing or have accessed treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. Travel expenses can also be reimbursed.

To apply or enquire for more information about the course, contact Tonya Connor: [email protected] or call 020 3490 1818. To apply online, please find our application form here.

Due to COVID-19 we are now offering Feminism for Change as an online programme. Please click here to find out more.

"I've started observing myself and the world differently. I've started making changes to my relationships." - Sinead