What is Feminism for Change?

It is a free, 6 week course for women in recovery from drug and alcohol use to explore the ways in which gender stereotypes, roles, expectations and sex-based inequality have shaped their lives. relationships, and use of substances.

Within a safe and supportive female-only space, women are invited to explore the root causes of their substance use and reconnect to their own sense of self, power, and choice as part of their ongoing recovery.

"Feminism for Change had an impact on my everyday life in just about every way." - Saida

Who is the course for? 

  • Women, aged 23+, who are in recovery or at the latter stages of treatment for drug and alcohol use
  • Women who might be finishing residential rehab, coming to the end of a day programme, accessing aftercare services, or engaging with support or Employment, Training and Education (ETE)
  • Women who may be on low doses of substitute medication such as methadone, Subutex or Suboxone
  • Women who have stable housing and some support networks in their lives, which might include family, friends, access to counselling and/or connections to services
  • Women who can commit to attending each training session, for the entire day, over the five-week course - including three hour long 1-1 tutorials
  • Women who have access to Wi-Fi and Zoom. We fully support someone to become familiar with Zoom prior to the course starting.

As part of the referral process, we will explore the criteria above with each woman, to see if someone is ready to start the course at this time in their life and recovery

What do women get from attending the course?

A safe and supportive female-only space to develop:

  • Increased knowledge of feminist thought, principles and ideas
  • An understanding of women's unique individual and shared experience in the world
  • Increased confidence and understanding of their selves
  • Connections to other women as well as their own sense of self, power and choice
  • Information and signposting to specialist support services
  • Move-on opportunities, which incudes Foundation for Change mixed-sex Psychology for Change course
"The course is supportive but challenging. Its a unique approach to supporting women in recovery, which can often be a male dominated environment. We were working in a safe therapeutic environment but were actively encouraged to push outside our comfort zone, building confidence one step at a time." - Laura

When is your next intake?

When: The induction takes place on Tuesday 16th April 2024, then every Wednesday and Friday from 17th April until 24th May 2024

Time: 10.30am to 3.30pm

Where: Foundation for Change offices in Shoreditch, East London

*Group sizes are usually between 10 to 12 women, and we can reimburse travel expenses where needed.

How can women access the course?

We accept self-referrals from women directly and referrals from organisations with women’s consent.

The easiest way to get in touch with us is by completing one of our online forms below

  • To refer yourself, please complete the online self-referral form by clicking here
  • To refer someone else, please complete the professional's online referral form by clicking here 

Alternatively, you can also call, text or email us using the contact details below:

If we are not able to answer your call straight away, please leave a message with your name, number, and reason for phoning, and we will get back to you.

I've started observing myself and the world differently. I've started making changes to my relationships." - Sinead