What is Feminism for Change?

It is a free, 6 week course for women in recovery from drug and alcohol use to explore the ways in which gender stereotypes, roles, expectations and sex-based inequality have shaped their lives. relationships, and use of substances.

Within a safe and supportive female-only space, women are invited to explore the root causes of their substance use and reconnect to their own sense of self, power, and choice as part of their ongoing recovery.


Our Feminism for Change course is facilitated by female members of our team, who have a range of personal and professional experiences, related to substance use, addiction, trauma, social inequality, psychology and feminism. 

This is aligned with a key part of our ethos to employ graduates of our courses following apprenticeships within the organisation.  

Each of our facilitators are fully supported within the organisation and have either completed, or are encouraged to work towards gaining the L3 Award in Education and Training. 

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"Feminism for Change had an impact on my everyday life in just about every way." - Saida


A safe and supportive female-only space to develop:

  • Increased knowledge of feminist thought, principles and ideas

  • An understanding of women's unique individual and shared experience in the world

  • Increased confidence and understanding of themselves

  • Connections to other women as well as their own sense of self, power and choice

  • Information and signposting to specialist support services

  • Move-on opportunities, which includes Foundation for Change mixed-sex Psychology for Change course

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When: The induction on takes place on Tuesday 3rd September 2024, then every Wednesday and Friday from 4th September until 11th October 2024

Time: 10.30am to 3.30pm

Where: Foundation for Change offices in Shoreditch, East London

*Group sizes are usually between 10 to 12 women, and we can reimburse travel expenses where needed.

To find out how to access the course, click here.

Please also note that due to the demand for our courses, there is often a waiting list for available spaces. This will be fully explored as part of our referral process.

I've started observing myself and the world differently. I've started making changes to my relationships." - Sinead