We recognise the importance of having a foundation of healthy self-esteem to be in the world and believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to build it.

There is compelling evidence to show that addiction to drugs and alcohol rarely exist in isolation. Rather, they form part of a response to traumatic life experiences such as abuse, trauma, mental health problems and social conditions such as poor housing, education and employment opportunities.

Before coming on to our courses people will generally have completed some kind of treatment to address the immediate drug or alcohol problem. If funding is available, they may have then gone on to further treatment such as rehab or therapy. Treatment tends to be very focused on stopping the drugs without adequate attention paid to then building up self-esteem and self-worth. 

Whilst this can help people achieve periods of abstinence or moderation, relapse rates for addiction are high as individuals haven't developed the ability to exist in society without substances. Too often people get stuck in a 'revolving door' of treatment, feeling confused, hopeless and lost about what to do next.

"My time at FfC was different to everything I had done before. It's very much about individual responsibility and growth there. I was treated like an adult, not a client." 

- Daniel

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