Christopher graduated from our Psychology for Change course at the end of 2023 and wrote this poem to describe his experience of the course.

The tale commenced in Himalayan heights, A blessing from the spiritual, igniting wondrous lights.

Gifts of humanity, compassion’s sweet art,
A journey of the soul, where it all did start.

The seed found soil with Bob and Liz's care, In the Foundation for Change, a duo rare.

Cultivating treasures, a bond so strong,
Their legacy echoed in the mountains' song. 

Over time, new saplings joined the story’s rhyme,
Jayne, Bex, Amberlee, Heather, Charlie, and Antonia, in time.

Sprigs of life, a tapestry so grand,
Hope radiating from the few to every land. 

In this haven, miracles unfold, a story of love and knowledge to be told.
The team's dedication, plants and environment in tune,
Unconditional love, support, and the warm welcome's boon.

Reflection spans two days a week, in an 8-week flight,
A safety net, warm energy, tutorials alight.
Tasks designed with care, like heart surgery so grand,
Holding gently, until beating on its own, unplanned.

Open wings unclipped, taught to soar once more,
A magical journey, gratitude at its core.
Beyond belief, this experience in my soul,
A domino effect from self to friends, making whole.

Conversations transformed, family and friends alike,
A healing aura, a place where spirits strike.
Profit's path ignored, gaps bridged with embrace. 

An "I'm okay, you're okay" embodiment in this special place.