Shalomi graduated from our Feminism for Change course in May 2023 and wrote this poem to describe her experience of the course

From the first day I embraced a sense of inclusion, a sense of togetherness, a sense of belonging.

I became part of a group, a part of a mission to liberate women and girls from patriarchy.

Herstory is incredible,

Herstory is inspirational.

But it remains hidden so its obscurity is pitiful,

First wave, second wave, third wave, fourth

The personal still is political!

Unfairness means they discriminate,

Unjustness means they oppress,

The policies that they create are causing me distress.

Oh, and remember, Eve gave Adam the apple,

But who was to blame for the tower of Babel?

I reminisced, I reflected on the good times, in my life,

female influences growing up, the close friends, the family,

but then I felt hurt, I felt pain in my heart like a knife,

As I learnt that they’d gone, in the conflict 


Yet here I am in this capacity, developing relations in this new reality.

Sex and media unexpectedly sent me a little sideways,

but I noticed that phrase in his eyes, the male gaze.

Glad I could take flight as something weren’t sitting right.

Shame shame shame shame shame.

I will not apologise for having a fanny,

Did you know my bits are derived from a man’s name?

And they say that our biology is the same,

that’s uncanny!

Meds are mostly tested on men, 

Yet they don’t bleed or have to breastfeed,

And our paint ain't the same so what do they know then,

Who has to agree that they know what we need.

Things got heavy, things got tough

I was tempted to quit, I was tempted to walk away.

“It’s like therapy before therapy, that’s enough!”

But I had to commit, there was so much more to say.

No means no, no means no

Although the stats suggest that no one cares,

they say she had it on show and out to bare

which keeps successful convictions at a low,

when all she ever said was no.

Meritocracy is a myth, it’s a lie!

When the curriculum changes from school to school.

Academies are pushed and normal schools you deny

So how are we the same you fool!

Things eased as we drew closer

Things got lighter as we grew stronger

Nine women embarking on self-discovery,

using our toolkits whilst in recovery,

Sadness, anger, frustration and fear,

joy, positivity, trust and laughter,

a holding hand, an embracing hug when we shed a tear,

friendship, sisterhood and solidarity from here after.

We did it together,

Yes that's spelt to-get-her,

But we found each other,

There’s no need for silence or whisper.

We resist and we survive.

Speak out and collide.

Doing this together ensures that we’ll thrive, 

Side by side, we will do this

with pride!

Hear us now!


Written by 


Feminism for Change graduate

July 2023