Our brand new course, Clothing for Change, is now up and running from our Camden studio. A group of three participants have completed their first project, a tote bag, before beginning the basics of garment construction and pattern design.

 Bex Exel, herself a former graduate who designed and is leading the course, explains:

Each of the trainees start and end the course in the same place; from having never sewn anything before to finishing with fully completed items of clothing. What’s so inspiring is the difference I’m seeing in the individual journeys they are already taking to create their work.

The bags they’ve made in Module One are varied in shape, fabrics and size. This is also true with the pieces they have chosen to unpick in Module Two; we have a suit jacket, a onesie and a silk dress top! All to be altered, decorated and re-imagined in an expression of creativity that is personal to them.

clothing for change workshop trainee sewing samples module 1 collage 

Clothing for Change is a six-month vocational course for graduates of our programmes interested in learning the craft of sewing and garment making.

The course follows the Foundation for Change approach, aiming to further develop capacities and competencies that help create positive shifts in identity. Through the process of learning and practicing a craft, participants deal with challenges and obstacles, collaborate with others and pursue a qualification.