We're very aware of the social inequality the Covid-19 pandemic is bringing to the surface and are conscious that not everyone is able to afford or has access to protective face wear. To play our part in trying to address this in our small way, we have partnered with London-based fashion designer and supporter of Foundation for Change, Thomas Tait.

Thomas has created a user-friendly, paper pattern for a protective face mask that can be downloaded and printed at home by following the links below. The mask can be fully assembled without the need for any sewing whatsoever. A step-by-step guide of how to create your own mask can be found on Thomas' Youtube channel. All you'll need are some basic household materials that can be purchased online and a stapler. There is a list of where you can purchase the suggested materials in the description of the video. 

Please share your feedback with us in the Youtube comments section. We would like to encourage you to share your experience and, where possible, create masks for your family, friends, and neighbours. 

Patterns can be downloaded for printing on A4 paper below:

Outer shell layer

Inner filter layer

Stay safe and well,

Thomas & all at Foundation for Change