Funding from individual donations is an invaluable source of independent income for us. Our approach working with people who have experienced socioeconomic disadvantage and exclusion, alongside problematic substance misuse, enables them to make long-lasting, positive change.

Support Eleanor's fundraising challenge

You can support Eleanor's fundraising challenge or, better still, set up your own using sites such as Virgin Money Giving and Just Giving.

If you’d like to organise or take part in a fundraising event to support our work, we would love to hear from you!

A few words from Ellie, if you need any more convincing...

Foundation for Change provide the support, knowledge, tools and self esteem needed to adequately transition out of the treatment system and into society, helping individuals meet their true potential. This was and still is a gap in the system which i became all too familiar with whilst trying to help my own clients move away from dependency on the state.

I have known Bob and Liz for many years now and have so much respect for what they continue to achieve, they are brave, tenacious and nothing less than outspoken and totally action orientated when it comes to the subject of social inequality.

If you still have no idea what i am talking about, watch the hit movie I am Daniel Blake to get an insight into the stressful and complicated world of welfare and how Bob, Liz and their charity guide and support people out towards true independence. They’re the cure not the bandage. If you get that, you’ll get this, you’ll get me and what we need to work towards!