In this poem, Stephen Booth describes his experience of taking part in Psychology for Change

Penny drops - an ode to the teachings of FFC

Did you hear it? The sound of a dropping penny.
Infact, I think there were many.
Come closer and have a look.
Far too many pennies to count. Filling my pocket.
Barriers were built to block it, but now those barriers crumble,
My mask is falling, disappearing.
The pathways are clearing, and I wonder?
I wonder if I can manage as I regurgitate historic damage
amongst complete strangers who have now become friends?
Not forever friends. But partners in time, on an emotional mission,
to board the rollercoaster was the right decision.
Facing change, re-arranging, adjusting and oiling the cogs of behavior.
Foundation for change being my savior.
I have grown, I’ve grown, and I’ve learned.
With this I’ve earned myself a place at the table.
Not the top table, I won’t be able to reach there, as it doesn’t exist, it’s a fable.
We are, essentially, the same, but who do we blame.
when we become sculptures, molded by others and their cultures.
Let’s celebrate our differences.
Dig deep and face the future with confidence.
Challenge, dissect and pick apart what you thought were truths.
Be in control, even if you choose to stroll through life.

Be real, be authentic, and try to be true.
But most importantly, just be you.