Welcome to Foundation for Changes’ last newsletter of 2023! Internally, we found ourselves referring to this year as our ‘nuts and bolts’ year - a year of defining processes, implementing systems, and establishing new structures across the organisation.

Our year in numbers

We've spent time improving our referral processes and refining our courses, as well as measuring our impact and considering how we communicate our approach to the world. This has all happened within the wider context of global crises, complex systemic issues and hard-to-digest news cycles that have impacted us being able to rest and restore - so essential for this work. Our team have worked incredibly hard - we feel such a sense of pride for what we have achieved and the trainees we have connected with and worked with along the way.

We spent our last working week of 2023 reflecting on our achievements as well as what has been challenging, and we’re ready to keep this momentum going into 2024. Next year, we are publishing our first ever Impact Report! Watch this space for more details in the next few editions of our newsletter in 2024.

A highlight of our year was welcoming Nia to the Foundation for Change offices to deliver a one day workshop on ‘Channelling Anger into Activism’ in November. Exploring questions around how women express anger and why women and girls have reason to be angry, we invited trainees across previous Feminism for Change cohorts to attend. Everyone had such brilliant insights, and the space was filled with an energy that we are sure to bring into the new year with us. Thank you Nia for delivering such a powerful workshop!

Looking ahead to 2024

Since the summer, we have been designing a strategy that will carry us through 2024 and beyond. Centred around our Theory of Change, we plan to build on the work we have carried out in 2023 to build the infrastructure of the organisation. Our Theory of Change lays out the impact we want to have on both those we work with and support directly, as well as on wider society. We plan to continue using it as a guiding framework to achieve our vision and have big plans to share Foundation for Change with a wider audience!

Wishing you a wonderful festive season and a Happy New Year, from us all at our last team meeting of the year.