Feminism for Change is a free course developed by Foundation for Change for women in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, many of whom have multiple experiences of abuse, domestic and sexual violence and exploitation. 

The course unites and empowers women by bringing them together to learn about and discuss feminist concepts.  Nicola, one of our recent graduates, talks about her experience being on the course.

Inspired by the feminist counsciousness-raising groups of the 1970s, women on the course are encouraged to look at their life experiences through the prism of feminist theory, to apply what they learn to their own lives and share their experiences of being women in the world. 

Along with helping them recognise the strength it takes to survive their experiences, it also shows the women that they are not broken, they are part of a broken system.

We're pretty sure that nothing like Feminism for Change exists elsewhere and want to make sure it gets the attention it deserves. We've launched a campaign to raise £10,000 to help us bring this course to more of those who need it. The money will enable Foundation for Change to offer more women the course for free as well as provide them with transport and childcare costs, ensuring that it is accessible.

Help us reach more women. Support the campaign. 

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