Foundation for Change’s Women’s Space is our online social group for any woman with a history of addiction.

It is a self-directed group where women can support each other’s recovery beyond the focus of addiction, bringing in important topics such as women’s relationships with themselves and partners, family and children. Each session has a broad theme that will be decided on by the group and will include short video clips, discussion on books and articles and personal stories.

The space is a place to bring and share knowledge as well as a space to connect and experience a sense of community with other women. Attendance is not compulsory. It’s up to you when you attend.

Although it is a self-directed group, we recognise that some women may struggle with getting online and so we can offer support for women who are new to online groups.

**Our Woman's Space was a great way for women to keep connected and support each other online during lockdown, as restrictions have eased we have paused Women's Space for now, we plan to have it back up and running in 2022**