To accompany each episode of Making Sense Of... we host a drop in podcast discussion group on Zoom to give our listeners the opportunity to dive into the topic further and in a more personal way. Each seminar relates to the topic from the podcast and runs each Wednesday morning from 11.00am-12.15pm

You can listen to the most recent podcast here or through Spotify where you can also subscribe to the podcasts so that you have easy access to podcasts as they are released.

The group is a place to bring and share knowledge as well as a space to connect and experience a sense of community. Attendance at the group is not compulsory. It’s up to you what seminars you attend and when.

**As we have currently paused the recording of our podcast, our seminars have also taken a break. We will be opening up our seminars again when we begin to record Season 2 in 2022 of our Making Sense of Podcast**