We’re probably not alone in feeling gobsmacked that it’s almost April. How did that happen? We’re happy to say it’s definitely been an exciting and productive few months with a lot of planning and focusing on what we want to achieve this year.

The beginning of January saw us launch a new organisational strategy. The writing of it was a collective effort between our Chief Executive, Bob, the FfC team and our bloody brilliant, hands-on board of trustees. In it, we clarify the four pillars we will be focusing on over the next three years: 1) Programme design and delivery; 2) Operations and leadership; 3) Raising the profile of our approach; and 4) Monitoring, evaluation and learning.

It hasn’t taken us long to get our teeth into this and start turning our strategic goals into reality:

  • In line with wanting to strengthen our digital communications and marketing and a skills audit carried out last year, we recruited a new member onto the board. Clarissa Mascheroni first encountered FfC when she responded to an ad placed on the Media Trust by Antonia, our communications assistant, who was seeking a mentor. Clarissa was struck by the impact of our work; we were impressed by her experience and directness. The rest is history.
  • We are hugely excited to welcome two new senior roles into the organisation after a round of recruitment that saw us end up in a different – and far better - place from where we set off from. It’s not often you can say that! Starting in the next two months will be our Head of Learning & Programme Development, and our Head of Impact & Comms.
  • In January, we were joined by a new volunteer. A core part of our work is offering volunteer placements at FfC to graduates of our courses – their experiences are vital to how we shape the work we do. Charlie graduated from Psychology for Change in 2021 – he has a background in storytelling through data analysis, service design and business development. Very transferable skills! Though incredibly valuable, Charlie’s main focus will be on learning to become a facilitator and trainer on our courses – he begins his training on our next Psychology for Change course beginning in April.

 April will be a significant month for FfC with a couple of ‘firsts-since-the-beginning-of-the-pandemic’. After not being able to celebrate our birthday in person for two years, we are holding a small gathering at our premises in Shoreditch Church on April 7th. There will be a few speeches – from the FfC team and a few graduates – and we will be giving out Open College Network qualifications to the people who attended our courses online over the last couple of years. The majority of them have not met each other, or us, in person, so this will be a reunion like none other before. If you would like to attend, please email Antonia for details: [email protected].

 The week after the event, we begin our first in-person Psychology for Change course. As much as the online format has been instrumental in being able to continue our work and reach people, and as pleasantly surprised as we’ve been at the possible impact despite being virtual, we’re more than happy to be able to meet the demand to return to in-person groups. It just means we have to start paying attention to what we’re wearing below our waists as well as above…

We very much look forward to updating you on the above and more in our next quarterly newsletter.

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring/Summer,

The FfC Team