Summer is well and truly here (the temperature highs this month made that very clear!), and as promised in our previous April 2022 newsletter, this year is shaping up to be a year of exciting transformation for us. We have also recognised the importance of stepping back and making sure we have time to come together to acknowledge the wonderful work we do here at Foundation for Change.

Read on for some insights into how things are changing for us, and how we came together in the last few months

Party time!

We celebrated our 8th Birthday back in April which was a beautiful evening spent with friends, supporters and most importantly, those who have graduated from our courses. Sentimental memories were shared, and of course, we had a huge cake to mark the occasion properly. We’ve shared all the details and some pictures  from the event here.

Team growth 

We were joined in May by Jayne who is our Head of Learning and Programme Development. Jayne brings over ten years experience of working within a Rape Crisis centre where she developed and delivered sexual violence prevention programmes. With her experience she will be managing the training team and the delivery of our courses. We are looking to freshen and simplify our referral process. We plan to make referrals to our courses more accessible to everyone. 


At the beginning of June, Amberlee joined the team as our Head of Impact and Communications. With Amberlee on board, we are able to finalise a robust Communication Strategy that allows for intentional connection with our community, and strengthen the existing Comms team. As we continue to share our unique, person-centred approach to recovery through our courses, we can also start to demonstrate and evidence our Impact, which is central to our role as a non-profit organisation affecting change. 

 Growing as a team is an exciting prospect for us as we begin to think about how we want Foundation for Change to represent itself within the community of not only drug and alcohol services, but the broader community of those challenging and creating systemic change. 

See a full profile of both new members of our team on the About Us page, and get in touch with Jayne and Amberlee to say hello! 

When the Board brings cake

During June we held a get together at the office so all of our board members could introduce themselves to the team members. This was a special moment for us, as each person was able to share a little bit about what brought them to Foundation for Change in the first place - it reminded us that people really are at the centre of what we do, and that we all have a personal connection to recovery and social justice. To make this afternoon even more wonderful, we had freshly made cake (it was still warm!) and lots of laughs. Can you spot the board member who was isolating at home?

Re-introducing face-to-face courses 

Our first Psychology for Change course of 2022 came to an end at the beginning of June. As it was the first in person course we have run since lockdown began in 2020, we knew it was going to bring a lot of varied emotions. Our facilitators Bob, Bex, Heather and Charlie were reminded of why our courses are so important to those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction - the last day was a true and honest reflection of just how powerful our approach is and the sense of freedom and liberation our graduates experience.

So what’s next?

The last few months have definitely felt a bit go go go, but it is a hugely exciting time for Foundation for Change, and we are welcoming the change! 

As well as a current cohort of Psychology for Change happening now (follow our Instagram for insights into what we are covering each week), we also have a Feminism for Change course starting in September 2022 that is nearly filled! Keep up to date with upcoming courses via our our courses page.

In keeping in line with our 1+2 year strategy, we are currently working on our Communications and visual identity, updating and streamlining our referral processes to make it easier for more people to join our courses, and considering our Impact so we can reach more people in 2023 and beyond.

Stay tuned for the next Newsletter for more updates!