Critical thinking pretty much underpins all the areas of learning we cover across our courses at Foundation for Change. On our course Psychology for Change we do a whole day on critical thinking, the reason why is because making calm judgments and decisions that are logical and well-thought out helps us make better decisions for ourselves and in consequence remain true to who you are as a person. 

It is a way of thinking in which you don't simply accept and go along with things because other people are doing it. In short a person who is able to think critically can probably see that these are generally pretty useful for life in general. 

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A must-watch movie for an example of someone who begins questioning the true nature of his reality despite forces from all around trying to prevent him from doing so - The Truman Show. 

Don't believe everything you're taught! Particularly about the British Empire. 

As mentioned in the podcast and accompanying handout, knowing how to validate news sources on our social media feeds can be tricky! Here’s an explanation on the filter bubble effect and how disinformation out there on social media can shape people’s social decisions on politically relevant information, have a read of this article to understand why sharing posts that reflect your values and beliefs can help you think twice before sharing. 

And related to questioning what we are told by the media, we strongly recommend watching this difficult but important documentary about the war in Iraq. Very much about the tragic human cost of war, it provides a chilling example of governments and politicians putting messages out to the world that are vastly different from reality. Watch the trailer below:

And here’s a helpful guide on how and where to check your social media news sources.