Following on with another podcast in our mini addiction series, the FfC team comes together again to continue the conversation, this time discussing the 12-Step programme. This grass-roots, peer-led organisation is known by many names  - 12 Step, The Fellowship, not to mention the many and varied branches of the actual groups that sit under the umbrella of the organisation: AA, NA, CA, SLA… there are over 200! Although we thought it was way less when recording the episode... It’s pretty safe to say that the programme is probably the most well-known model of recovery that currently exists.

Many of the people we work with on our courses – and staff too - have had some contact with the 12 Step programme so it’s a hotly debated topic with us. So what is it? How does it work? In this podcast we hope to clear up some of the common misconceptions and myths surrounding the 12 Step programme and explore why recovery can’t be approached by using the cookie cutter method. We hope you enjoy the conversation and learn a thing or two about the 12 Step programme just like we did during the chat.

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