We live in what could be described as an individualist society. This means as a society we are supposedly motivated by personal goals, rewards and benefits. We can apparently achieve whatever we want as long as we work hard enough. Sounds great! Oh wait, hang on…

In this episode that sits under our series on systems, we explore the concepts of individualism and meritocracy. We hope to help you get a better understanding of just how strong these outside forces are and how for most of us, they lie beyond our awareness, yet can still have such a hugely negative impact on our everyday lives.

We wanted to do a podcast about the topic that helps you see the bigger picture and recognise how these particular systems operate. Through this understanding, we hope you are better able to recognise the limitations of systems and adapt your expectations accordingly - which makes you less vulnerable. We want you to recognise that much of the vulnerability and shame that you carry is a consequence of the kind of society we live in - one that says the goals, rewards and benefits are an individual right.

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Sorry We Missed You has a lot to say about the failures of modern society. This bleak portrayal of a working class family struggling to make ends meet reflects the lives of many in modern day Britain and shines a light on how the demands of a system many are all too familiar with (think zero hour contracts, low paid care work, austerity, the gig economy, the digitisation of work) negatively impact family and personal relationships.