Spirituality is a divisive word that tends to both intrigue and frighten people. It is a term we hear a lot in our work with people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction – many talk about their substance (mis)use as being a way of filling a spiritual void, an emptiness many had felt for most of their lives. Others talk about wanting to live a more spiritual life in recovery, but are often unsure of where to look or are put off by what they find.

In this episode, we have a go and deconstructing what the word means for us. We explore the baggage the term is laden with and that often prevents people from not only understanding what the word means, but benefiting from what it actually is.

In the conversation, Bob refers to a study demonstrating that participants would rather endure electric shocks over sitting alone with their thoughts. You can read the study here. If you do, you’ll see that Bob got slightly carried away with the percentage – it’s actually 67%, not 80%! But is still shockingly (pun intended) high.

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Further learning 

A fun and fascinating documentary related to the topic of spirituality is Kumaré. It explores some of the themes we talked about in the podcast, particularly relating to where we place power - do we honour the power inside us or place it in the hands of those we think are more enlightened or woke than we are...?