Toxic Masculinity is something that has gained a wider understanding over the last few years and is thankfully being talked about much more in mainstream media. In this episode, the team explore the roots of the term and the ‘psychic mutilation’ experienced by men as a result of the patriarchal system we live in. Rather than understand the demands of toxic masculinity (competitiveness, the need to be self-reliant and independent, not showing weakness) as being unique to men, we explore how it’s helpful to consider the impact these expectations have on men in the first instance and how - since we live in an unequal society - these then impact upon women.

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Though there is a lot to question and object to in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street, the film encapsulates a bunch of the traits and characteristics that sit under the umbrella of toxic masculinity: greed, entitlement, violence, the objectification of women, hunger for power and the pursuit of success, and excessive, well, pretty much everything…