Grief and loss was the first topic we covered when we started our podcast, just as we had all gone into a national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ten months on, the subject of grief and loss feels sadly more relevant than before. 

With the nation still in lockdown and each of us having to change and adapt to new routines, trying to visualise a ‘new normal’ still feels unclear and a long way off. In this episode, the team look back and reflect both collectively and individually on how their feelings of experiencing grief and loss have evolved over time.

Here's the handout that accompanied our first podcast which looks at some of the different models of grief like Kubler Ross's '5 stages of Grief' and Warden's 'Tasks of Grief'. It breaks down the different types of grief that people may be feeling at this time and the differing impacts of these. 

Listen to the podcast link using the Spotify player above or by going to our Youtube channel