That we haven't explicitly talked about addiction until our 24th podcast episode is very reflective of our approach here at FfC. Though definitely a part of people's history, we encourage those we work with to look at their addiction as a surface symptom of something far deeper. In this episode, we start with asking a statement posed by Gabor Maté: "The question is not what's wrong with people, it's what has happened to people". 

The FfC have a meandering chat in response to this, covering shame, the feeling of competing with others whilst in recovery, the 'relapse journey', the moralistic/overly-simplistic/black or white view of addiction, and more. See what you think. 

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We have a huge amount of respect for Gabor Maté and his pioneering approach to working with trauma. In June 2021, he released a new film - The Wisdom of Trauma - that encapsulates his life's work.