Our latest podcast is part of a series of several podcasts exploring the topic of systemic thinking – a system of thinking to help think about and understand systems! Systemic thinking underlines our approach here at FfC, whether that relates to how we teach the information we teach or how we make sense of the ‘issues’ we work with. Addiction is a classic example of this. Rather than seeing addiction to drugs/alcohol as a problem that simply needs to be stopped, we see it as a symptom of something much deeper (such as trauma) and are more interested in understanding the function it served over putting some kind of value judgment on it.

In this first episode of the mini-series on systemic thinking, we explore what systemic thinking is and lay the ground for future episodes where we use this way of thinking as a lens to look at some of the challenges we experience in society today such as social inequality, racism and sexism.

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The handout accompanying this podcast can be downloaded as a PDF here or viewed as a webpage here.