Our latest episode is the second in the series of podcasts that explore the topic of systems. In the first episode of this series we talked about how useful it was to think systemically. How thinking systemically helps frame your life in ways that can bring real insight and understanding to your personal experiences.

In this episode we look more closely at the kinds of systems that we live in and are part of throughout our lives. We also discuss how we might not be too aware of these systems, or pay them much attention because, well they seem to be ‘normal’ or  ‘just how things are’...

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The handout accompanying this podcast can be downloaded as a PDF here or viewed as a webpage here. 

Further learning

Below is the trailer for Steve McQueen’s Mangrove film:

Below is an edit from one of Adam Curtis’ excellent films HyperNormalisation (2016). Most of Curtis’ films explore our relationship to systems at length and are highly recommended. This should give you a short taster of his work.