The aim of our mini-series on systems thinking is to act as an introduction to this way of seeing the world. It is no different to critical thinking – it’s something you may already be doing and haven’t realised there’s a term for; and like critical thinking, systems thinking is a skill that only gets stronger the more you use it.

Systems thinking can be applied to anything in life as life is complex and interconnected. Now that you have a basic understanding of what systems thinking is (the first podcast of the miniseries); and that you understand that we often don’t see the systems we live in because unless we’re taught to question them, we take them as givens; we’re ready to apply the skill to something else to help strengthen our systems thinking muscle. Let’s look at social inequality and in particular, how COVID-19 has impacted people from BAME groups more than people from non-BAME groups.

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The more you apply systems thinking to your everyday life, the stronger your ability to see in this way will become. This is a great article that applies systemic thinking to another social issue: obesity. Have a read and if you join the seminars, feel free to bring it up in conversation.