The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically altered everyone’s lives and whilst some have indeed lost loved ones to the virus, everyone in this extraordinary, never-before-experienced situation will be experiencing various different types of loss. And will be involved in many different aspects of the grieving process at the same time.

This podcast looks at what people may be experiencing as loss during this time. We explore some of the different emotional responses to grief and loss and look at the various types of grief that have been described over time. The podcast ends with an introduction to some psychological frameworks that describe the different stages of the grieving process.

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The handout accompanying this podcast can be downloaded as a PDF here or viewed as a webpage here.

Further learning

So it turns out the film Groundhog Day drew upon Kubler Ross's Five Stages of Grief to help structure the storyline of a man trapped in a time loop that forces him to endlessly repeat a single day in time. Revisiting this film whilst in lockdown for Covid-19 was unexpectedly fascinating! It's worth geeking out on the analysis of the film over at Wikipedia if you want to get really deep about things.